About us

The woman who wears NovePuntoNove 9.9’s knitwear lives the present,, aware of herself and of her place in the world. Determined, lively but at the same time feminine, she doesn’t compromise her ability to fascinate discreetly, choosing to wear knits designed to emphasize a contemporary yet sophisticated elegance.

NovePuntoNove 9.9 is more than a garment, it is a desire driven by emotions, an irresistible must-have to own.

The woman who chooses the knitwear of NovePuntoPove 9.9, knows she’s wearing a clothing item that represents her in her day-to-day life, thanks to patterns and shapes that adapt softly both to the figure and to the durable precious yarns the garment is made of. 

She could live in Paris, London or New York, as well as in a small town, because the principles of modern femininity can be found in the DNA of the brand : a femininity that has no boundaries but knows how to space easily among the facets of contemporaneity

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